About us

Our company provides comprehensive HR services through a team of experienced specialized consultants working closely with our partners to fulfil their specific needs.

The internal Recruitment Department consists of Blue-Collar field recruiters with extensive know-how of the geographical areas with the highest potential to generate suitable candidates for both qualified and unqualified positions, target recruitment channels and online media channels in order to ensure maximum visibility for your project, as well as impeccable scouting, planning and implementation skills for mass-volume recruitment campaigns with full support in coordinating with the validated candidates, but also White-Collar/Management headhunters, with a vast professional network and mastery of screening, direct search and executive search techniques, thus covering all potential vacancies on our Business Partners’ occupational chart.

With a growing internal candidate database currently containing over 20.000 resumes as well as a vast online and in-the-field presence together with full access to targeted recruitment channels and databases, our team of professionals is well-equipped to offer you the assistance you need to ensure the optimal performance of your business.

Working with us